Friday, 29 June 2007

Trusting in Love

1: He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
2: I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust. Psalm 91
I believe the above passage means that when you realise that your nature is Love and that Love is all there is, when you realise there is no other power but Love, then you are completely under Love's law and protection. The rest of the Psalm lists the many ways one experiences Love's protection. For example:

7: A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.
8: Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.
This means that when some people are going through trauma and fear, you will not be affected. Why? Because Love can only protect those who are focused on Love. If your focus is on fear, then your experiences will be fear based. What is fear? I believe fear is the belief that God/Love/Spirit/Truth/Light has an opposition. This is why you can have two people living under the same roof yet having different experiences; one is full of love and the other is fearful. Here's one such example.

A few days ago while I was out, there was a thunderstorm. When I returned home my mother told me that after a flash of lightning, the television went dead. After a while the television came back on but she couldn't get the satellite Digibox to work. Yesterday, the Sky engineer (satellite providers) came round. He said the box had been completely blown out and he replaced it with a new one. Mum said, to be on the safe side, after we've finished watching television, we should now always unplug the television from the mains.

When I woke up this morning I noticed mum had unplugged the television. For me it didn't seem at all like trust but fear. I heard my mother reading her Bible passages, as she usually does. After she finished I put forward a suggestion which I said was only a suggestion and she was free to accept or ignore. I said that unplugging the TV suggested that she was expecting another strike. I said there is no need to do this when you have complete faith in God's presence. Mum said she would rather do her own thing, which was fair enough. Before I left I gave her a hug and told her I loved her.

As you can see there we are living in the same house yet we experience different realities. Mum believes in God and yet she believes that there is another power that she's meant to be scared of.

For me there is no compromise. You either trust in Love or you don't. It's no point me going on about how "Love is all there is" and getting scared of a thunder storm. I believe unplugging the television demonstrates trust in many powers instead of the One power that is Love. At the same time, I accept my mother's freedom to choose as she sees fit.

I can perfectly understand why people find it difficult to trust in Love when the ways of the world is based on fear consciousness. Kids are programmed not to trust. Don't trust in strangers; don't trust in this food; don't trust in this TV programme; don't trust in this animal or insect; don't trust in this nation; don't trust in this race of people, etc. Fear, fear, fear. Here we are swimming in Love and people can't experience Love because their focus is on fear.

I believe the first step of "spiritual awakening" is realising that there is only Love. When I realised the presence of Love, the world didn't suddenly transform into sweetness and light, it still looked the same. However, I stopped feeling scared, or rather, Love dissolved the fears I had. For instance, I used to be concerned about food. I would be checking food labels to see how much preservatives there were, or concerned about my calorie intake. I used to only drink bottled water. Well, when I trusted in Love's omnipresence, I realised that Love is in all foods and it is this Love that sustains me. So who cares about additives and preservatives? Who cares about bottled water? I am free to eat and drink what I prefer without any fear.

There was a point when I hated living in London because I thought it was too fast, cold, chaotic and unfriendly. When I realised Love's omnipresence, my attitude towards London was transformed. I started to appreciate all that was good about London, which is everything. I realised that happiness is never about an area or thing but one's consciousness. In fact, I don't live in a city called London, I live and have my being in Love, which is appearing as a city called London, Edinburgh, Birmingham, New York, Adelaide etc.

At the bus stop yesterday I noticed all the seats were taken. A young man offered me his seat, which I gladly accepted. A woman beside me was munching away on what looked like nuts. She offered me some. I accepted. As it wasn't something I was familiar with, I asked her what it was. She said she couldn't remember the name but she got it from a health food shop. She said it was supposed to be good for one's skin and helps to reduce cholesterol. While I no longer believe in the paradigm of eating to make me healthier, I was grateful that she wanted to share her belief with me. Whatever it was had an interesting texture and flavour.

I believe Love gives everyone the freedom to choose. We are free to realise Love as the only power and reality or we are free to dream of fear. I choose love.


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