Monday, 23 July 2007

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Welcome to My Dream

This blog is a continuation of the previous blog: Lucid Dreamer.

Just a reminder about what this blog is about - dreaming.

All realities are dreams, meaning it makes no difference whether I am dreaming while asleep, thinking or having day-dreams, they are dreams, my dreams.

I am a Lucid Dreamer.

As a Lucid Dreamer I know my real identity is the clear awareness of light, the substance of all dreams.

As a Lucid Dreamer, I am always aware I'm in a dream.

As a Lucid Dreamer, I am aware that when I am dreaming it is my dream and I take complete responsibility for my dream.

It's fun to dream amazing and wondrous dreams.

Please note that the dreams I am sharing are my dreams only and not intended to instruct the reader in any way. Each of us is responsible for the dreams we have. We all have the resources we need to dream amazing dreams.

Much gratitude and love to Ben Gilberti for designing the fractal.

Happy dreaming to you all!

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With love,
Enocia, the Lucid Dreamer

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Everything Has a Purpose

As I was walking to the bus stop I noticed someone had dumped some rubbish. On the bus an empty bottle rolled on the floor.

I could also see that the rubbish serves a purpose: it is actually people's livelihood. There is a young Polish man, for instance, who cleans our neighbourhood. He's such a nice man to talk to. If everyone kept the neighbourhood clean then he wouldn't have a job, or he would have to find something else.

People complain about disorder and want peace. Where would lawyers and police officers be if everyone was a model citizen? I'm not saying the dream of peace on earth is not achievable, everyone has to want it, including police officers and lawyers whose livelihood depends on disorder. Otherwise it's just another pipedream to be achieved at some distant future.

So everything under the sun has a purpose. I believe it is up to each of us to decide when we've had enough of playing a particular game and focus our attention elsewhere. That is our freewill.

Speaking of which, the purpose for which this blog was created has been served. It is now closed. Anyone interested in what my new purpose is, please go to Love Always.

With love,

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Sunday, 22 July 2007

It's a Kind of Magic

While I was waiting for my bus at the stop, I eavesdropped this boy, around 10 years old or less, speaking to his mother about Harry Potter. For readers who have never heard of the Harry Potter phenomenon (phenomena even), it's a series of books penned by JK Rawlings about a boy called Harry Potter who goes to a school for wizards and the antics he and his friends get up to. I haven't read any of the books but I've seen the first film based on the first book. I thought it was fun but I never got round to seeing the others.

From what I could make out from the conversation the boy was having with his mother, they had just come from seeing the latest Harry Potter film and they were discussing the characters. Soon my bus arrived, I got on board and nabbed the last seat available, which was next to this woman who had her nose in a book.

Halfway through the journey, the two young guys sitting in front of me left so I swapped seats. Now I was sitting in front of the woman reading her book. It was then I realised she was reading the latest Harry Potter book. The lady looked up from her book and smiled at me and I smiled back. Fancy eavesdropping a conversation of Harry Potter only to find myself sitting in front of a passenger reading a Harry Potter book. Now that's what I call magic!

The moment I had the thought all hell seemed to break lose. I heard squeals coming from the other side of the bendy bus. Several passengers ran towards where I was sitting while a woman and her son ran out of the door which was open. What the hell is going on? It turned out two passengers were having a scuffle and they took their fight outside. One very compassionate passenger said to the driver: "Driver, let them fight, just drive on. I'm late enough as it is." I looked outside and could see two lads at each other's throats.

After things calmed down, the woman who had ran outside got back in and the bus took off leaving the gladiators and their spectators behind. I realised the woman was the same one who had been speaking to her son about Harry Potter at that bus stop. I never realised she had got on the same bus. They sat near me. Her son was bawling his eyes out because the scuffle had given him quite a fright. His mother did her best to console him but he kept on bawling and holding his heart. Poor kid!

When the boy and his mother got off I said to the woman opposite me.

"You know that boy who was very upset? I heard him talking to his mother about Harry Potter earlier. Here you are reading Harry Potter."
"How funny," she smiled
"It's interesting though how he could watch a Harry Potter film and not get scared, but he looked terrified just now."
"That's because Harry Potter is only fantasy, this is the real world."

I beg to differ. I don't see any difference between the dream called Harry Potter and the dream called travelling by bus. Both have a lot of fight scenes such as what occurred between the two passengers. Both dreams have magic as well. Harry Potter and his friends use wands and incantations to experience magic, and in this dream you only need to think about something and it happens.

I later found out from another passenger that the fight started off because one guy didn't like the way the other guy was looking at him. Maybe, they were fighting over who was the better wizard.

I guess you could say that particular bus journey was a kind of magic.


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Saturday, 21 July 2007

My Heart Goes Out to You

Sometimes when I'm reading the newspaper or watching the news and hear all these "horror" stories, I have a thought about how my heart is going out to everyone involved.

The moment I have the thought, I feel this love energy around my heart area well up and then I see it surge towards the people involved, surrounding them with love. It looks a lot like when the Stargate has been activated in the sci-fi series of the same name, and this energy surges out, which transports people to other worlds.

Sometimes, I see this energy as a heart shape around the people involved.

I also find that when I need to love myself for whatever reason, I feel this surge from my heart which then surrounds my body in a cocoon of love.

My heart literally goes out to all, including myself.


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What is Luck?

On the bus the other day, I noticed the woman beside me had a lovely handbag.

"I love your bag," I said.
"Thank you, I won it in a raffle," she said.
"That was lucky!" I smiled.

Since then, I've been thinking about what it means to be lucky or have luck.

Just before I left this morning my mother asked me if I could take her prescription to the pharmacy at the local supermarket. She said she would pick up the tablets later. I told her I was going in the opposite direction unless she didn't mind me leaving the prescription later in the afternoon. She told me not to worry and she would take the prescription herself.

After a few minutes I thought to myself, "What if my mother's request is telling me something? Is it possible the library I intend to go to is closed for some reason, which means I should be going in the opposite direction? That would make it a lot easier to run my mother's errand." I told mum I had changed my mind and I would take her prescription for her. She confirmed that she would be picking up her tablets later.

As I walked to the local bus station I had a thought. After customers have left their prescriptions, the pharmacists usually give customers receipts which they must have with them to collect their tablets. My mother is not going to be able to pick up her tablets if I have the receipt with me. So I went home and told mum what I'd just thought. She could see my point. She said she would take the prescription to the pharmacy herself.

I decided to head to the library I intended to go to before my mother's request. As I approached the bus station, I noticed the bus I wanted was already leaving. It took a while for the next bus to arrive.

At some point during my bus journey, I noticed five guys running to catch the bus at the nearest bus stop, which was three blocks away. I thought the only way they could catch the bus was either if there were many passengers waiting at the bus stop, or if they could fly. In any case, why would anyone run for a bus if they can fly? Having said that, I've seen many pigeons walk up and down stairs; I've even seen pigeons walking across roads and they're meant to have wings.

But I digress.

At the bus stop there was only one passenger waiting. As soon as the bus driver was about to pull away, a passenger in a wheelchair told the driver he wanted to get off. This meant the driver had to pull the bus closer to the pavement so the ramp could be let out. While this was going on, I thought about the guys I saw running and wondered if they were catching up on the bus. The first guy arrived and he beckoned his friends to catch up. By the time the passenger in the wheelchair got off and the driver let the ramp back in, all the guys had caught up with the bus.

"That was lucky!" I said to the passenger next to me.
"I was thinking that too," the lady said. "They were so far away I thought they would have given up by now."
"Lucky for them that guy decided to get off when he did, huh?"

Is it possible that what people call "luck" is simply the ability to connect to the One Will in the Universe? I guess if we all want to be lucky, we need to realise there is only one Will in the first place.

Of course, when I arrived at the library, it was business as usual. It would seem that my journey had been delayed purely so I could witness luck in action.

I believe luck is where one's intention intersects with the one Will of the Universe.
I am Luck.


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Angels are Everywhere

In an email exchange I had with a dear friend, he called me his angel and I called him my angel.

It got me thinking that in fact we are all angels. All around us are beings of Light, angels in disguise. As soon as I had the thought, any time I approached someone, the person smiled at me and I returned their smile.

Later on my bus ride home, as the bus was pulling away from a particular stop, I noticed a black Pit Bull Terrier dog barking at the bus and running alongside it. A woman shouted "Angel!" and the dog ran towards her.

See what I mean? Angels are all around us including our animal friends. I rest my case.


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